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Siti Nur Amirah and Nur Khairiana
Rara and Rina is what friends calls us.
Rara is currently attached while Rina is single and unavailable.
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yeap, we lived in two seperates roof within the same block.
but we share many similar things.
someone that you can trust, have faith with, easy to-be with
and certainly, understands each other.
we shared many things between ourself.
there will always sadness, angriness, happiness and laughters between us[:

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


as you can see, i've renew our blog.
all the past posts have all been deleted.
and for the meanwhile, tagborads is not available yet.
so, here we go on our way to start afresh ! [:
rina sis, i miss you .
we've not been seeing each other for like how many days back right ?
tsk , nehmind . saturday confirm-confirm meet ! (:
takkaire everyone ! [:


-RARA [: